VoiceSync tool


WinZip file
Version 1.0
Date release Feb, 01/2002
Size 244Kb (<1min 56KB modem)


*   VoiceSync tool Analyses and generates balancing tones, these tones generate balance improving and harmonizing the quality of your voice.

PHI (golden mean) analysis is also provided indicating how harmonic (i.e. beautiful) sounds your voice.

Tone generation dialog controls brain compatible wave generation including (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta).

Voice is displayed in several ways including:


*Voice line graph

*Accumulated frequency line graph

*Radial Spectrograph for a quick and easy frequency distribution analysis.

*Main octave bar graph providing excess and deficit notes.

*Accumulated grid of music notes (temperate scale) in–2 to +2 octave range.

*PHI (Golden mean=0.618…) relations in voice, this measures how harmonic it sounds, golden mean is tightly coupled with the concept of beauty.





*  Generated data can be logged [Log] to a MS-Excel compatible file containing main frequencies and Harmony Factor.

*  From FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) values calculates main frequencies (formants) finding the best relation with the PHI constant  -the Harmony Factor-, graphs are also displayed containing its evolution in time in frequency and power, a digital gauge displays in a very visual way Harmony Factor value.

*  FFT values are statistically processed calculating Coherence of voice; with it, all significant values are displayed in a grid for real time interaction and analysis.

*  Based in deficit note analysis, proposed auditions containing this note are proposed in the drop-down list.

*  Human voice ranges from typically from 60 to 1600Hz, males voice is usually in the cero (0) octave 261..522Hz, female voice has normally higher pitch (octave +1,  522..1044Hz).

*  Someone with a balanced voice should show in the radial spectrograph a homogeneous distribution of frequencies in the natural bandwidth of his voice (male-octave 0, female octave –1).




1.     Select input sound source (microphone, Line – In, CD) and adjust recording volume.

2.     Switch on control button and start speaking

3.     Proceed until enough samples are analyzed, progress bar will complete

4.     Press [Play] or [Tones] button and listen to the tone that balances you.

5.     Repeat this process several times a day and check how your Harmonic Factor increases, listen carefully your voice and check improvements.